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We are an experienced team based in the south east uk region who can support customers who require a high level of service in cnc training, Programming , Problem solving and Maintenance and Repair of CNC controlled machinery all over the country and into Europe. From Advanced Turnkeys to Preventative maintenance we cover it all.


We specialise and are passionate in cnc training and applications support to all levels, existing users and apprentices providing bespoke training to cover all requirements. We are based in Sussex and Kent with a broad customer base in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire but we cover the whole of the uk including Scotland and wales and also Europe.


If you have had some CNC training at a college or training acadamy and have little or no experience hands on we can help too, we offer setter/operator courses on real industry equipment at our facility to help you to get the skills required to jump into a commercial environment position.


We offer

  • Fanuc Milling and Turning Training (Operator/Setting and Programming)
  • Heidenhain Milling (Operator/Setting and Programming)
  • Siemens Milling and Turning (Operator/Setting and Programming)
  • Mitsubishi Milling and Turning (Operator/Setting and Programming)
  • Haas Milling and Turning (Operator/Setting and Programming)


We also offer complete Turnkey solutions to get you up and running in production fast, whether it is new product introduction or existing part remanufacturing.



Cnc training is a key to our engineering technologies future, so look towards the future and bring you and your team up to speed with the latest CNC Controllers , machining methods , best practice and more.








Online Fanuc Training courses

 We offer online bite size courses online covering Fanuc milling and Turning - Priced at £20 per 1/2 hour and at   your convenience you can choose what topics you want to go through and pay for as little or as much as you   need. The individual areas listed are aimed at being delivered within the 1/2 hour slot. Support will also be given via email on the topics that are covered within these courses. These courses are screen shared via skype. Please   email with your choice of subject and desired time here


 These Topics are for milling.


 1M, General Principles


 2M, G codes and Program construction


 3M, Tool length offset and setting


 4M, Coordinate system and Work offset setting/Absolute G90 and Incremental G91


 5M, Rapid traverse G00 and Linear interpolation/ Angle chamfering and corner rounding


 6M. Circular interpolation G02 and G03 /Circular interpolation using I,J and K /Helical interpolation/Plane selection G17, G18         and  G19


 7M, Tool radius compensation G40, G41 and G42


 8M, Drilling, tapping and boring canned cycles overview/Initial point return G98 and R point return G99


 9M, G73 High speed peck drilling cycle


 10M, G74 Left hand tapping cycle (tension compression)/G84 right hand tapping cycle (tension compression)/G76 Fine boring   cycle


 11M, G81 Drilling cycle/G82 Counter boring drill cycle/G83 Peck drilling cycle/G84 Rigid right hand tapping cycle/G74 Rigid left   hand tapping


 12M, G85 Reaming cycle/G86 Boring cycle/G87 Back boring cycle/G88 Boring cycle/G89 Boring cycle


 13M, G15 G16 Polar Coordinates Command/G52 Local Coordinate System Setting/G60 Single direction positioning/G68   Coordinate  rotation


 14M, M198 Sub Programs/M98 Sub Programs





 These Topics are for turning.



1T, Basic concepts/Tool offset and work offset


2T, Facing/Taper turning /Boring


3T, Circular interpolation/Incremental commands (U and W)/G code list/M code list


4T, G32 Threading/G76 screwcutting cycle


5T, G70 Finishing cycle/G71 Turning stock removal cycle


6T, G72 Facing stock removal cycle/G73 Pattern repeating cycle


7T, G74 Drilling cycle/G83 Drilling cycle/G84 Tapping cycle


8T, G74 Face grooving cycle/G75 OD grooving cycle


9T, Direct drawing input programming


10T, Tool radius compensation direction/Tool type/M98 Sub programs


11T, C Axis and Live tooling/M codes related to C axis function


12T, G83 Axial drilling cycle/G84 Axial tapping cycle


13T, G87 Radial drilling cycle/G88 Radial tapping cycle


14T, Polar interpolation G112 and G113